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In today's economic landscape, the fundamentals of the grain market are only relevant within the perspective of the moving parts of the economy in which we sell.

Join Matt's daily discussion of the grain markets and the risk or opportunities the landscape could provide down the road. The world continues to evolve and pivot directions; our knowledge and understanding should too.

Recently Asked Questions

I don’t understand many commentaries, will I understand yours?

Grain Perspectives is not for everyone. But at times it will challenge what you may read elsewhere and provide context economically, which is integral in today’s markets.

Do you make direct recommendations for percent sold?

No, the perspectives offer general indications. Each producer is different and that requires more personal consulting. There is no cookie cutter approach to marketing grain.

Why should I listen to Grain Perspectives?

The daily commentary is a tool to question the status quo opinion on the markets. The objective is to provide a different context for what’s going on. The perspectives highlight risks and opportunities on the horizon to watch for.

Do you offer more direct services?

Yes, custom services are available. Visit the consulting page and submit a request.

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